Tuesday, October 1

Reddit Explains Healthcare

Start with this link at Reddit and I'll add my observation on the whole "GOP hates Obamacare " debate. 

As the top comment mentions, ". . .It makes it so insurance companies have to spend a certain percent of their revenue on actual health care, which essentially caps their profits at a certain percent." 

This is the crux of the resistant from the insurance companies who have been conspicuously silence during this debate. As a recent Time article pointed out the health care business is making tons of money and don,t want to see The Affordable Healthcare Act become law. Americans pay far more for health care than many other countries but get less for it. Why? Because no one is controlling the costs. Free market and all but health care is not a commodity to sell on the open market like cars or produce. 

The fact is most countries have some form of national health care that more or less works. There are flaws but some flaws are better than someone dying because they couldn't afford to seek medical help. Like you and me.

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